Responding to quote on poetry by Lou Andreas-Salomé

“Poetry is something in between the dream and its interpretation”

Please post some of your thoughts to the questions that I asked in Friday’s class about this quotation.

6 thoughts on “Responding to quote on poetry by Lou Andreas-Salomé

  1. Joviann Seepersad

    In between the dream and it’s interpretation is a hidden world of passion, this creates will power within readers to maintain “good” poetry. Considering poetry as this imaginary aspect actually enforces the sacredness of this piece of literature, poetry is art and not everybody can establish a masterpiece. With this being said dreams are delicate pictures or movies that are often experienced while being right in between sleep & consciousness, they hold great significance and can have a number of perspectives; likewise to a poem. That feeling of allowing something to be anything it can is what symbolizes poetry, being free to feel however towards the poem yet still be able to comprehend the overall idea. Poetry is powerful and so are dreams.

  2. Anna2fire 🔥

    I think the quote is basically saying it’s neither here or there just kind of whatever it wants to be or however you want to take it. Poems are created by motive but has no purpose or intent to persuade. It just exists in a way. Poetry has a specific audience but not really because anyone can read a poem and try to make it their own but some people don’t enjoy doing that, they prefer a more straight forward text.

  3. Veronica Curate

    What i think the quote means is a dream that a person have can not be explained the way we want it to be so we find a different way on explaining it in a way that the person can have a better understanding of it.

  4. Kaynath

    I think the poem means that there is no wrong way to understand a poem. When reading a poem you interpret it like a dream. Just like dreams poems don’t persuade, they are there for you to “enjoy.”

  5. Albert B.

    The quote means poetry might not always be as it first appears. When we dream it feels like we know why right away or we have this feeling that we understood what happened during the dream. Dreams are open to interpretation just like a poem, and you might’ve perceived it one way at first and another way after more analysis. The quote is comparing dreaming to poetry and their similarities like how the content and purpose of both aren’t fully understood but the topics are constantly discussed about trying to find that meaning.

  6. Ginette

    I think that our point of view and life experience effects the way that we enterpretate the poem because the poem can mean many thing. We dream about things that we love,fear, and want. Poems use imagery and symbolism to express themselves. Dreams also can symbolize different things to people from different countries.

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